Relaxing Color Palettes For Bedrooms

Create a relaxing retreat in a bedroom with these soothing colour palette ideas. Color scheme options to fit any bedroom design.
A bedroom should be a peaceful calming sanctuary; a place to rest and relax at the end of the day. A bedroom’s wall colour, floor materials, and furniture should work in combination to make the space restful.

Light Blue Bedroom

Blue is a great colour to work with when the goal of the room is serenity. Light blue offers a neutral backdrop that works with some woods, metals, and other colours. I bought a lovely light blue mattress and base from this mattress shop in Leeds, and I am surprised how nice it looks.

Use the seaside as inspiration. Apply a vibrant but light blue to the walls. Accent trim with a sandy colour, anything from mustard yellow to light khaki. Complete this bedroom with ocean-inspired colours on bedding, furniture, and accessories: turquoise, cerulean, and sand. Dark brown or cherry furniture provides an interesting contrast for this bedroom colour palette.

When in doubt, look to nature for appealing colour combinations. The sky offers a simple colour scheme that is relaxing and classic. Think blue, white, and grey for this bedroom colour palette. Light blue on the walls contrasts nicely with crisp white trim and window treatments. Opt for a white or very pale wood for furniture to keep the space light. Mix grey with white bedding to add depth with colour.

Green Bedroom

Green offers endless tone and shade possibilities, from cool green-blue to warm chartreuse.

For the most relaxing shade, stick with cooler greens such as kelly or mint. Pairing a green wall colour with bright white or creamy beige accessories is both calming and chic. An iron bed frame or headboard, in white, brass, or dark brown, provides an open, cottage-y look.

Chartreuse, or yellow-green, will energize a bedroom spacemaking it a good colour for early mornings! White furniture and accessories will brighten a chartreuse bedroom, while dark brown or black will give the space a graphic, urban look.

Gray Bedroom

Gray wall paint offers many benefits: grey is a calming and fresh neutral shade that works with virtually any accent colour scheme.

To warm up a cool grey bedroom, paint trim a creamy off-white. Try pillows and bedding in cream, rich purple, and dark red. A metal bed frame in white or dark brown will stand out against the neutral wall colour. Evoke a stormy sea with light grey bedroom walls, dark grey trim, and dark brown or black furniture. Accent with deep teal, light blue, and bright green.

Use these colour palette ideas to create a calming bedroom space, perfect for waking up in the morning and unwinding in the evening.