Gardening for Children


Working side by side allows family members, including parents and grandparents, to develop new appreciation - and respect - for each other that will strengthen their relationship in and out of the garden. "Like preparing a favorite family recipe, gardening tips often are handed down from generation to generation," Neier adds. Sourced from:

You do note that kids don’t just do stuff. They have to be won over so that they can participate in the activity voluntarily. This means that as a parent you will have to come up with ways to make gardening fun for your kids.

Tips to make gardening fun for kids

Younger students have smaller attention spans; try not to overwhelm them with too large of garden plots, or plants that need extensive maintenance, and expect to spend some of your own time with maintenance tasks that are too difficult for them to totally complete on their own (such as pruning and weeding). Younger kids will definitely enjoy digging holes, watering (it works best if you can acquire many small watering cans), harvesting, and spreading hay over the paths.

But also teach the value of patience with planting some spring bulbs in the fall. Sourced from:

Or save a seedhead -- sunflowers are a favorite -- to feed hungry birds over the winter. Sourced from:

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