Mistakes You Are Making While Mopping & How You Can Avoid Them

You know how important it is to mop your floor. It is also important that you do it right so that you can take better care of your family’s health. Not mopping your floor correctly is as bad as not mopping it altogether. Germs may spread and cause illnesses to your family if your floor is dirty or not well mopped. Therefore, watch out for these mistakes and how you could prevent them from keeping your floors always clean.

Ignoring the dilution ratios – If you think that using a lot of cleaning solutions to mop the floor will give you a cleaner floor, you are wrong. Not diluting your cleaning solution correctly can actually mess your floors badly. The floor may become sticky and streaky beneath the feet. After some time, the flooring of your house may not have the natural shine. Also, using fewer solutions may not clean effectively. Read the instructions carefully before diluting so that you can use the correct ratio.

Not replacing the cleaning water – When you clean your floors with dirty water, it means that you move the contaminants around the floor. If the cleaning water starts looking murky and changes its color, you have to change the water. The amount of dirt on the floor will determine how many times you will need to empty and refill the bucket.

Using warm water to mop the floor – Using warm or hot water to mop can make the water evaporate faster, and you will be left with a lot of soap residue on your floor than necessary. The soap residue can make the floors sticky and cause slip and falls. So, mopping should always be done with cold water to ensure safety.

Keeping the mop pad dirty after use – Microfiber mops are better compared to cotton mops. However, you must change the mop pad after your cleaning sessions. Get a mop kit that has many pads like this one on www.amazon.com. A dirty mop pad will only make your floor dirtier. If your mop pads are disposable, ensure that you throw them away to keep the germs and viruses from spreading on your floors after every use. You can wash them with your washing machine for the reusable microfiber mop heads but separate them from the cotton products. Cotton fabrics may lose their fiber and make the pads dirtier. Once you clean the microfiber pads, you should hang them in dry air to allow maximum drying.