Different Styles Of Children’s Bed

Children’s beds must of course be sturdy and safe, but at the same time comfortable and easy to climb into. Comfort is very important for a child to be able to sleep through the night without disturbance.

Another point to consider when choosing a child’s bed is all the extras they like to keep in their room with them; besides their clothes they have toys, books and other possessions that need to be stored in the same room.
The age of the child is also important when choosing the correct bedroom furniture and there are several different types that you can choose from:

Toddler Beds are of course designed with toddlers in mind; that is children between one and three years. These are generally built fairly low to the ground so that the child can climb easily in and out, and all sharp edges are rounded off for safety. They can also come with side rails to prevent the child falling out of bed, or climbing out when he shouldn’t.

Sleigh Beds are built with a curved headboard and foot board; so that from the sides they resemble the shape of a sleigh. They also come with a straight headboard and just the foot board curved; either of these designs is popular with children who like to feel they are sleeping in a snow sleigh, or the carriage of a Princess. Usually sleigh beds have storage drawers underneath.
Car Beds are popular with young children from 3 to 6 years, who never seem to mind going to bed when it means they can get into their car. They even like to play on them when it is not bedtime. Here you’ll find some nice sleigh beds and bargain beds with a choice of fabrics,

Bunk Beds are one of the most popular designs when two children share a room, as they give each child their own space, as well as extra floor space in the room. This is the perfect solution to sleeping two children in one room, as the beds are built one above the other and take up only the space of one bed, with the upper bed supported with columns and reached with a fixed safety ladder. These can also be called Loft Beds and may comprise one double and one single bed. Children of all ages can enjoy bunk beds, although the top bunk is not recommended for very young children.

High Sleeper Beds are a very good idea for space-saving, as the bed is built high with furniture units underneath; these can be wardrobe, chest of drawers, cabinets, study desk, shelves; in fact any combination that you choose, with a sturdy stepladder providing access to the bed. Young children will find it easier to keep their room tidy and older children will be glad to have a quiet place to study.

Futons or Sofa Beds are a great choice for teenagers, as they are sofas during the day and create a space for entertaining friends, and then they convert into a bed for sleeping: Futons are robust and are also made in twin size.
Platform Beds are the newest addition to bed collections and are proving popular with adults as well as children. They are available in any size of bed and provide space underneath for storage boxes etc.

These are just a small selection of the types of bed available for children, and many are also made in queen and double sizes.
When making your choice, be sure that the child’s bed is sturdy and durable, and that it is capable of supporting the child’s weight and height comfortably. A child that is particularly tall or heavy may require a sturdier bed, or even an adult bed. Children’s safety should be paramount when choosing the correct bed.