Uniquely Designed Pools Can Attract More Property Bidders

If you want to get the bids rolling on your property portfolio or attract more rentals if that is what you do then a cool pool can be the difference. For the rental market, most people want a pool in the summer and the price per rental week will certainly go up if you offer them a pool. If you plan to sell now or in the future the price will certainly dramatically rise if you have a good pool. The more unique the better naturally.

Whats The Perfect Size?

A pool doesnt have to be Olympic in size to have an impact, no, a well thought out pool with a natural or synthetic stone surround with the beautiful echoes of a waterfall can do wonders for the senses. The lush feeling of water, the glittering light cascading off the waterfall onto your reflective pool tiles, the soothing acoustic sound rustling out of the natural rocks from the waterfall. You can quickly see how a fantastic pool transcends from just a well-designed product to a completely relaxing hide-a-way. Pools become experiences rather than luxury toys if done right. For buyers or renters they give a home the X Factor.

Vanishing Retreat

A wonderful idea in pool design is the endless pool that is made a reality with a vanishing edge. It gives the impression the pool goes on forever and is ideal if you live in an elevated area. You can even build it into surrounding rock or rugged landscape and the benefit of this is if you have outstanding scenery, nothing will obstruct it from your line of site. Perfect for rooftop or elevated pools. It makes it difficult to figure out where the pool ends and the landscape begins. It also makes you feel at one with nature and allows you to take all its beauty.

Resort Fun Brought Home

For those with kids you can certainly bring a touch of a resort experience to your backyard. How about adding a center island or adding in connected landscapes into the main pool? You can add a bridge or separate pods so kids can have adventures swimming from one to the other. If you are going to do this it would not be complete without adding in a water slide.

If you are stuck for ideas have a look at http://www.bathpoolandspa.com for some creative inspiration. It also helps to browse lots of pool sites online and come up with a short list of potential plans. Many pool design companies will actually survey your land and put in all the fittings, heaters, pumps, chlorinators and filters. That way all you have to do is pay and pick out exactly what you want.