Understanding Real Estate

Real estate has become more and more productive every year. The process of buying, selling and renting of lands, houses and buildings have become a little more complex to do and understand. With the latest update on tax and new guidelines, the industry also has to roll with the tide.

Regardless, more and more people are still getting into real estate as they have seen how effective this type of investment works. People continue and some aspire to venture into the three types of real estate, such as residential, industrial and commercial.

This is what our site is all about. We welcome people who are interested to further their knowledge about the three main types of the real estate industry. Our teams of professionals are experts in each field and are dedicated to sharing their insights and experiences to aid those with no or less experience.

Commercial real estate is primarily used in commerce. This almost covers everything. Property buyers intend to use the buildings they buy to generate income or profit. The goal here is to gain profit through rental income or capital gain. This includes investments in industrial properties, garages, warehouses, office buildings, hotels, medical centers, malls, restaurants, farm land, retail stores, multifamily housing buildings and many more.

Residential real estate has some of the aspects of commercial real estate but more personal. It refers to a single or multifamily structure that is for rent or sale. The difference is that the building is for non-business purposes. It has two classifications, first is the multi-unit dwellings, such as apartments, condominiums, cooperative, townhouses and multi-family houses.

Then we also have semi-detached dwellings or a duplex, a detached house or single-family detached house, and portable dwellings, such as mobile homes, caravans, tents and houseboats. Others are chawls, havelis and villas.

Industrial real estate is similar to commercial, except that it focuses only on industrial buildings/structures such as warehouses and distribution spaces. There are different types of industrial properties, small properties like Flex or R&D (retail & distribution) and Big Box large industrial properties.

Our main goal is to assist real estate professionals by updating them about the latest trends and guidelines in selling, buying and renting different types of properties. We offer analysis assistance to help evaluate total costs of occupancy and investment. We aim to support everyone in the industry, especially developers, occupiers and owners through sales and marketing.