Things To Consider When Moving To The Costa Blanca

Making the move to live abroad can be a big step so it is important to make sure you have a good idea of the costs and all the red tape before you start. A nice place to start is this website.

Can you afford to do it?

In most cases living in Spain is cheaper than living in Belgium. Your bills such as the electricity are cheaper, food is cheaper and even the wine is cheaper. Result! The prices of property are far less expensive than in Belgium too so it makes owning a home much more achievable than buying the equivalent standard of property in the Belgium.

Do you speak any Spanish?

It is important to understand some of the language at least and although thousands of expats donât actually speak Spanish, you will find your experience goes much better if you do speak the lingo. Doing an evening class or a course will help give you some basics and once you are here, you will find plenty of chances to improve your language skills and connect with the locals. You will be amazed at how welcome you will be made even with basic language skills.

How about your healthcare?

Spain has some wonderful hospitals and a high level of health care but depending upon your country of origin you may not be covered by the basic system. Taking out health insurance is a must or you could find yourself with a huge medical bill for even a routine condition.

Are you aiming to work or run a business?

As with opening any business anywhere, you need to have done your homework and understand your potential market. Many people dream of running a bar in Spain but when it comes to the reality of the long hours, the stress and the day to day hard work, many donât stick at it. According to one ex pat bar owner, the second happiest day of your life is when you buy your Spanish bar. The happiest is the day you sell it!

Sending the kids to school

If you have children, you need to send them to school and if you choose a local school they will need to speak Spanish.
However you can opt to send them to English speaking International schools. There are plenty of International Schools along the Costa Blanca so will be suitable for your child especially if he or she is already at school in Belgium, and studying for exams, or if you are unsure about making a long term commitment to stay in Spain.