Testing Bed Frames For Comfort

A new bed frame and mattress is a large investment and one you must take seriously and consider thoroughly. Your bed is where your body and mind rest and recharge; rebuilding muscles and replenishing your energy. Your bed is the place that you go to after an exhausting day, or when you’re sick. Your mattress and bed frame must fit your needs precisely. To determine if a particular mattress is right for you, you need to test it thoroughly. If money is an issue, you can find cheap bed frames on this site.

1. Remove your shoes and climb onto the mattress. Get into your typical sleeping position, whatever it is, be it laying on your side, stomach or back. Pay attention to how your joints, neck and muscles feel in this position.

2. Move to the center of the mattress, and roll your body outwards, carefully to the edge of the mattress. As you complete this maneuver, pay attention to the level of support the mattress gives. For example, if you find the mattress less supportive in the centre and more rigid out around the sides; this is one mattress that won’t last long. The springs should all move in a fluid motion together.

3. Move your body to the center again, and roll yourself outwards once more. This time, pay attention to whether the springs make any noise as you move. If the mattress makes even the tiniest sound, this will just exacerbate over time.

4. Grab the headboard and shake it. It shouldn’t move or rattle even slightly. Repeat this step with the foot board. Run your fingers along the edges of the headboard and foot board, checking to verify the bed does not contain any decorative and sharp elements that you could bang your foot or hand against in the night.

5. Grab a pillow and sit with your back resting against the headboard. Determine if you feel comfortable and relaxed enough in this position, to read or watch television as you normally would in bed.

Note: Don’t let salespeople sway you by saying that a certain mattress is orthopaedic, medical, or chiropractic; trust just how a mattress feels.This may not be possible if you buy a bed online, so make sure you read pleanty of feedback from past customers on various sites.

Also, don’t be swayed by the fact that a particular bed frame is designer-made, or in limited supply; this doesn’t necessarily mean it is better than others.