Why We Got Static Security Guard Service For Our Business

Our business premises are situated in quite a remote location. We thought that this may make
it less likely that we would be a victim of crime but this did not turn out to be the case. We had
a couple of break ins but we’re lucky that they did not take anything too valuable. It still took
time and money to replace the items and fix the window that had been broken though, as well
as having to deal with the insurance company over our claim.

The thing that caused us the most problems though was the constant graffiti that would be
painted on our property. We have a lot of customers come to visit us in our premises and
having graffiti around the site was not creating the impression that we wanted. It also meant
that one of us or a member of our staff had to take time out of their day to clean the graffiti up
and this took them away from their normal duties. On some occasions we even had to pay
for a professional company to do the cleaning which was money we didn’t really want to be

We decided to get a static security guard and it was one of the best decisions we could have
made. We chose a static guard right here because we wanted to know
that someone would constantly be on the premises throughout the night. This means if any
incidents do occur then they are able to deal with it immediately. However, since we have
been using security guards we have not yet had one break in or case of vandalism. There
were a few incidents reported at first when the security guard found people in the grounds but
they soon left when he called out to them. Since then there has been nothing and so we think
that word has got round that we now have security in place and that this is acting as a

Our security guard also acts as a key holder and so if the alarm does go off for any reason
then they are able to enter the premises and investigate things for themselves. We found that
this was much more convenient than the guard having to call one of us to come out and then
wait around until they could get inside. The company that we hired the guards from were able
to provide complete references for everyone that they employed at our premises so we were
completely satisfied that they were trustworthy.

If you have been having problems with theft and vandalism at your business premises then I
would really recommend hiring a static security guard. We have found that the cost of the
service does not affect our bottom line as much as we thought it might because we are not
having to make repairs to the buildings and pay for the exterior to be cleaned all the time.
Now that we do not have to worry about security we are able to spend more time
concentrating on our business which has really helped us to grow as a company.