Dyson Vacuum Cleaners For All Your Cleaning Needs

If you are a pet lover and you have several cats and dogs at home, fur and dust would fill your home everywhere. Cleaning with just a broom would be effortless. And you think that buying cheap vacuum cleaners would be enough?

Youd be wasting your money even more and have your energy wasted from driving dust out of your doorstep. A Dyson vacuum cleaner would solve your cleaning dilemmas.

Unlike some vacuum cleaners, these vacuum cleaners do not clog and provides excellent suction power. Some vacuum cleaners tend to lose their suction power over time, but not this one. The Dyson company has invented the Root Cyclone Technology System to solve this problem. Its very easy to use, too. These also do not expel that vacuum aroma which makes you sneeze nonstop if youre that sensitive to dust.

Types of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson vacuum cleaners have varieties of models to choose from. They have the upright vacuum cleaners or the ones that you just drag everywhere, the canister vacuum cleaners which you still have to carry around and lightweight stick and handheld vacuums.

Over the time, Dyson always come out the new upright vacuum models with latest technology. The newer upright vacuums are powerful in suction, with Ball technology which consists of Dyson Ball Animal 2, Ball Multi Floor 2 vacuum, Dyson Cinetic big ball, Dyson small ball, etc. The models innovation is listed accordingly.

For Dyson canister vacuums, it also has several models including the popular Dyson Cinetic big ball, Dyson big ball canister, and Dyson ball canister vacuum. All the models are suitable for all types of floors as it is powerful and engineered for high dust removal.

Of course Dyson also produces some other vacuum like stick and cordless vacuum. Those cleaner are lighter in weight while it is versatile for everyday use. There are several models including the latest Dyson Cyclone V10 cordless vac, V8 cordless vacuum, V7 and V6 cordless vacuums. Each series also comes with several models like the Cyclone V10 have 3 models i.e. Cyclone V10 Absolute, Animal and Motorhead.

For Dyson handheld vacuums, it is definitely powerful because the vacuum is using the motorized tool for strong suction & pick up and the cordless hand vac can run up to 30 minutes. Some of the reliable handheld vacuums include Dyson V7 Trigger, Dyson V7 Car and boat vacuum, as well as Dyson V6 Top Dog HEPA vacuum.

The price could be a pain in the neck. The lowest price for hand vacuum would be $199.99, but if you think about it, its worth the money. Of course if you get the full-size vacuums like canister or upright, it is more expensive.

To conclude, if you buy low-priced vacuum cleaners, you can never be assured of the quality, and then you have to buy or repair it from time to time. Plus, with Dyson vacuum cleaners, your health, especially for asthmatics, wont be put at risk because it sucks all dirt. It can even make your old, dust-covered carpet look new. So what are you waiting for? Go buy yourself a Dyson vacuum cleaner and enjoy a dust-free home.