Buying Genuine Quality Mattresses Online

Due to the popularity of memory foam mattresses, a lot of manufacturers are coming up with products meant to deceive people into believing that they are buying the real memory foam mattress. Memory foam came into being when NASA thought of creating a mattress that can absorb the G-forces that usually push against the astronauts when they are taking off. Since their success, memory foams have been used for mattresses, cushions, pillows, and even pet beds among others.

There are some things you ought to look out for when searching for the real memory foam to buy:

Look out for the memory foams density. If a manufacturer claims the product is 5.0 or 6.0, you should ensure that it is followed by pounds or lbs. The reason is that it is how a memory foam density is measured. Beware of those that measure in weight with such words as 2 cubic feet of memory foam. The proper measurement is a weight of 1 cubic ft of memory foam.

Tempurpedic mattresses are those that usually come with 5.3 lbs density memory foam. Chiropractors and doctors recommend 4.0 lb memory foam because it cost less and is not so firm. Any foam with a density that is lower than 4.0 lb will not last for long. Anyone with 3.0 lb memory foam should be used as plush pillow top since it will not provide sufficient support for the body.

You should also look out for the ILD rating of the foam you intend buying. This is what tells you how firm the foam is. It ranges from 8-20 ILD. If the rate is lower, it means that the memory foam is softer. For Tempur materials, they have ILD of 14.

If you find a memory foam overlay or topper that is selling for anything between $25 to $30, it is certainly not a good product. If you find a seller that sells at a much lower rate, make sure you ask enough questions so that you do not get ripped off.

When checking out a memory foam mattress, if it has anything less than 2 inches, it is not a good product. Those that sleep on their stomach should look for memory foam of at least 2 inches, while back or side sleepers should get 3 to 4 inches for proper support.

It is important that you look out for all these so that you are not tricked into buying a fake product while believing that you are getting the real thing. Besides, no retailer will be willing to replace the mattress when you start noticing the faults.

If you can’t afford a real memory foam mattress, I recommend a 4000 pocket sprung bed over a fake memory foam. A 4000 sring mattress offers excellent support and comfort, on par with memory foam, but at a cheaper price. You can buy a 4000 pocket sprung mattress online here.

Here are other important things to look out for:
Be adequately informed and do not fall for products with cheaper price tags with fake memory foam
Carry out your research. Use search engines and compare the product you want to buy with that of other retailers online
Find out the ILD and density of the mattress
Be on the lookout for warranty. TemperPedic, for example, warranties their mattresses for 20 years. Do not settle for any company that does not offer such. Also, it should have nothing less than 90 days trial time.