Buying A House: A Single Womans Guide

Owning a house is not just for married couples.
While it might be quite challenging going through the process alone, single folks can and should consider purchasing their dream house. This short guide offers help to single women who are thinking of buying their own home .

Dont be afraid, just do it.
Yes, its cheaper if you just buy a condominium than a house, but you can offset the price difference by buying a house with an apartment rental. Are you worried about the maintenance of owning a house and doing it alone? Even couples are having a hard time so youre in good company.
The good news is you can easily pick up the phone and call a company to help you like when you have to deal with a leaky basement, or when the lawn needs some trimming, or when you need to install something they are literally at the tip of your fingers.

Dont entertain the thoughts of, What if one day I meet a man?.
You might not have found him yet and maybe someday youll do, but the thought shouldnt stop you from buying your dream house. And if you eventually met someone, you could share it with him. If he has his own house and if he wanted you to live there, you can rent out your house and enjoy rental income until the property increases in value. Or you can sell your house and buy a new one together. Youll have a lot of options eventually, so if you want to buy a house now, go ahead.

Dont spend as much as the bank is going to approve for you.
Yes, you want to buy a nice home, but it is not a good idea to put all your money into a house wont give you the flexibility to live that fancy comfortable life all your married friends think you are living. Also, get a house that you can afford to maintain, based on your income. Consider maintenance, monthly mortgage, and all your other expenses.

Its okay to consult your mom or your closest friend.
You can ask the closest person you can trust to help you make a decision. You can involve your family or your friends to weigh in on your options so you can make a well-informed decision.

Consider location, safety, and security.
Consider its location is it near your workplace? Do you have your own car or you use public transport? Take into consideration also if it is a safe neighborhood, especially at night.
Safety, comfort, and cost just three of the most important factors to consider when buying a house.